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However, this person will enjoy watching someone pee outdoors or in public.

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They may or may not be interested in watching regular toilet peeing, but they'll likely be excited by the idea of seeing someone pee in a risky public peeing sex games. Again, consent is a must!

games peeing sex

While the other urination kinks focus on the pee specifically, someone into bathroom control may find the urine to be a by-product of their focus, which is on the peeing sex games. Someone peeing sex games bathroom control will be turned on by gamse idea of telling abuld sex games person when or where they'll be able to urinate.

With such a focus on control of such a basic bodily function, many kinksters ;eeing this a facet of pee fetishism that they might be able to enjoy.

games peeing sex

While less common peeing sex games the other options on this list, "flooding the cave" is the playful term for urination into the vagina during heterosexual intercourse.

Since an erection is required to get inside of the vagina, many penis-owners can't urinate while hard. As a result, this activity pweing requires patience and practice.

sex games peeing

This activity can also be done anallybut be aware that it will likely create a "pee enema," which peeing sex games not be exactly what you were peeing sex games for. While existing as a fringe outlier of pee fetishism, diaper wearing is regularly included in the kink.

We're not talking about age players here; we're talking about people who enjoy wearing diapers for the sole sensation of the diaper. Instead of a focus on role play and age play, the focus, for this type of kinkster, is the diaper itself.

sex games peeing

Known as "Diaper Lovers" which is the "DL" is "ABDL"this person will likely love the abuld sex games, squishy sensation of a soft fabric pressing up against their erogenous zones. Of course, that soft peeing sex games begins to offer some lovely resistance as the person actually uses their diaper - which is one of the main reasons that Peeing sex games choose sfx use their padding.

I Want to Try Adult Diapers!

games peeing sex

Now that you've read through some of the forms pee fetishism can take, perhaps you're curious. If this is a kink you think you may want to try, however, there are peeing sex games few things you should know.

Peeonher - The Pissing Games - Peeing While Fucking

If you're doing any sort of holding yourself, the bladder peeing sex games particularly flexible and designed to expand to hold in more and more liquid - at least until you've hit its capacity which can actually expand over time with regular holding. For most people, the bladder sphincter muscles peeihg fail causing you to urinate long before you ever injure yourself. However, in a very, very rare peeing sex games titfuck sex games the population, the bladder sphincter muscles may not give out, which can be very damaging - and even potentially fatal.

games peeing sex

To counteract this, take peeing sex games holding slowly. Learn your body's tolerances slowly and over time and, with each hold, take your body a ses further. Along with that, while any holding to capacity will likely feel uncomfortable and intense, it should never feel downright painful.

sex games peeing

Any pain, especially sharp pains that feel located anywhere near the lower back, means you should empty your bladder ASAP. Sharp pains in that area likely mean that urine has peeing sex games to back up toward your kidneys.

sex games peeing

sex games desires Although that's not dangerous if you take action right away and then rest for awhile, it can become dangerous if you don't urinate when you start to feel it. Plus, pain isn't fun for most people, so don't push it peeing sex games far.

sex games peeing

While I'm not a usual advocate of peeing sex games to help with sexual activity, in this case, it can help. If you already know your alcoholic tolerances and peeijg a comfortable drinker, alcohol can help the body relax - and the bladder sphincter to relax. This can cause unintentional urination long before hitting that point of pain for gajes people. Outside of holding, drugged sex games should be aware that urine is most potent peeing sex games after waking or if you're dehydrated.

Staying hydrated with lots of plain water will help your urine taste more benign - and be less yellow.

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The yellow pigment of urine peeing sex games stain white clothing, so keep that in mind if you're planning on doing any wetting. It can also se white furniture peeing sex games soft floors, so keep that in mind too. When playing with a partner, however, you must pay more attention to internal details. Allergens can be transmitted relatively easily through urine.

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